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Flying over Cuba is EASY and interesting - an exciting experience!  But IFR only

1) Over Flight Request Form - Click here

    a) Private Recreational Flights $40 - Free for Members (1 per year); Owner flying the aircraft (MTOW < 6,600 lbs);

        registered in the owners name, not a company or LLC name.

        Click here to pay for additional permits.

    b) Business, Charter and Commercial Flights - Click here to review FEES

2) Cayman IFR Approach Plates  - Click here to purchase Grand Cayman STARS and SIDS

U.S. RULES:  The U.S. Treasury Department allows U.S. citizens to contact Cuba directly to obtain over flight permits and to pay Cuba directly for any fees assessed.  The payment process, however, is difficult.  It requires a wire transfer in Euros to a bank in Panama through a bank in France. The wire transfer fees alone can range from $50 to $120 on top of the actual fees.

CUBA RULES:  Private Recreational Flights are not assessed over flight fees for aircraft less than 6,600 lbs MTOW; owner flying the plane; aircraft registered in the owner's name, not a company or LLC.  Caribbean Flying Adventures will help pilot's obtain this roundtrip permit for $40

 All other flights - Part 91, business, ambulance, humanitarian, ferry, charter, etc are charged commercial fees which must be paid in Euros by wire transfer to a Cuban account in a Panamanian bank.  In addition, for flights operating above 24,000 feet, there may be a "navigation" fee assessed by Jamaican flight service IF you are in radio contact with Kingston ATC.  These fees are the responsibility of the aircraft.  If you do not talk to Kingston ATC, ignore the invoice from Jamaica;  they send invoices whether or not you received ATC services, so beware.

Caribbean Flying Adventures RULES:   will continue to offer one free permit with annual membership for pleasure flight with the owner in the left seat with MTOW < 6,600 lbs, aircraft registered in the owner's name.   We will also obtain one way or roundtrip Cuban Over flight Permits at cost plus $40 for pleasure flights with owner on board but not piloting the aircraft or registered in a company name.



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