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Frequently Asked Questions about Flying to the Dominican Repubic


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Where is the Dominican Republic?  The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispanola with Haiti.  Next to Cuba, it is the second largest island in the Caribbean.  650 nm from Miami, it is only a 189 nm further southeast from the Bahamas.  At 130 kts, with a quick fuel stop in the Bahamas, it takes less than 6 hours to fly from Miami to the famous resort of Puerto Plata.  The route of flight is over the 600 islands of the Bahamas with land in sight over 90 percent of the time. 


Airport fees?  Seven of the eight international airports are fee free for aircraft weighing less than 30,000 lbs.  La Romana (private airport) has very modest fees for GA aircraft ($6 landing fee for a C172, for example).


Customs and immigration hassles?  There are none.  Arrival/departure procedures for the Dominican Republic are hassle free and the least cumbersome of any island in the Caribbean.  The pilot and co-pilot present standard General Declaration forms and pilot licenses if asked.   Then they hit the beach.  Passengers complete the standard immigration/customs cards which are readily available at all the airports.

Fuel availability and prices?  Fuel is readily available at all the major tourist destination airports from Esso and Texaco.  AvGas prices are only slightly higher than in the Bahamas.  Jet-A is among the cheapest in the Caribbean. 

Air traffic control services?  All air traffic controllers speak English.  There are 25 different commercial airlines flying to the Dominican Republic every day. 

Airport Security?  All the airports are protected by full time, trained security guards or military personnel. 

406 ELTís?  The 406 ELT is not required by the Dominican government for private, GA aircraft.  Experimental Aircraft?  Experimental aircraft have unlimited access to Dominican Republic airspace and airports. 

Flying between airports in the Dominican Republic?  Itís easy!!  Get in your plane, call the tower on the radio and take off. 

Nights Flying?  All the international airports support night time arrivals and departures.  IFR flight plan required.

Weather?  There are ďMetĒ offices at all the international airports, but current internet weather charts provide a comprehensive picture.  You can also receive a useful briefing from the Leidos flight service specialists (1-305-233-2600).       



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