Cuba: Fly on your Own

Cuba:  Fly on your Own
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    Don't know how or what to do to Fly your plane to Cuba?
    Let Caribbean Flying Adventures organize everything including all the arrangements on the ground in Cuba from arrival to departure. All you do is fly your plane.

    Caribbean Flying Adventures will ensure that you are legal, safe, organized and confident.
    We guarantee that you will satisfy all U.S. and Cuban requirements.
    We will:

    1) Give you email and telephone access to Jim Parker during pre-flight planning
    2) Help with Accommodations - recommend and assist with reservations
    3) Organize a complete tour package including tourist visas, accommodations, ground transportation, English speaking guides, Cabaret show tickets, private restaurant reservations, cigar/rum factory tickets, walking tours, tours in Classic 1950's convertibles (fees in U.S. dollars paid to my colleague in Cuba)
    4) Provide a comprehensive pre-departure checklist
    5) Prepare your flight plan for Cuba
    6) Advise on aircraft insurance for Cuba
    7) Provide guidance on U.S. airports of departure/arrival and procedures
    8) Secure a Cuban landing permit for all airports to be visited
    9) Submit your required documents to Cuban Civil Aviation
    10) Submit an electronic notice to Cuban Immigration as required
    11) Insure that you comply with all U.S. laws and regulations
    .....1) provide a summary of pertinent U.S. regulations
    .....2) provide copies of pertinent regulations
    .....3) advise on the appropriate "category" for legal travel
    12) Provide detailed instructions for Cuban airport procedures
    .....1) Airport fee details (airport fees not included)
    .....2) Fuel availability and prices
    .....3) Will alert key airport contacts to your arrival
    .....4) FREE STARS and SIDS for Cuban arrival airports
    13) Telephone U.S. customs the day of your return to the U.S.
    14) 24/7 email and telephone support during your visit.